ELIPA 2013 : the first results

11 septembre 2014
Auteur : Virginie Jourdan - DSED / DGEF / Ministère de l'intérieur

Infos migrations n°72-73, 2014 July

After three years in France, most of the new migrants have overcome "migration shock" : the employment rate in 2013 is higher than it was before migration, even for the women. However, nearly one third of the women are homemakers. The prime reason for their being out of the labour force is family responsibilities. The majority of these women intend to work in the short or medium term. Whereas one in four of the women had difficulty with French in 2010, this proportion fell to one in six in 2013 (and one in ten for the men). The housing situation is becoming "normal" : in 2013, less than one in five is in short-term housing or housed by others, as opposed to nearly one in three in 2010.