COVID-19: Information translated for foreigners - Q&A Asylum seekers

COVID-19: Information translated for foreigners - Q&A Asylum seekers


Foreigners’ benefits and rights




Asylum seekers

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I want to apply for asylum

  • The registration of asylum applications will resume on May 6, 2020, in the Île-de-France region and starting from the week of May 11, 2020, for the rest of the French territory.

You must respect the applicable instructions in your local territory in order to gain access to the first reception facility for asylum seekers SPADA (telephone platform in the Île-de-France region and in other regions as well) and then to the single desk GUDA to register your application.

  • Your asylum application shall not be considered as being lodged after the deadline had expired neither will it be placed under the accelerated procedure on the sole grounds of you being on the French territory for more than 90 days if the aforementioned deadline expired between March 12 and June 23, 2020.

I was at the SPADA before March 16, 2020, but not at the single desk GUDA

  • If you haven’t been contacted by the single desk GUDA nor by the SPADA in order to finalise your registration, please come forward exclusively by phoning the services of the SPADA in order to determine the appropriate procedure to be followed.

I am registered at the single desk GUDA but I am yet to send my application to the OFPRA

  • The 21-day deadline to send your application to the French office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons (OFPRA) which expires between March 12 and June 23, 2020, is suspended. The countdown to the 21-day deadline to send your application will start from June 24, 2020. Therefore, you have until July 15, 2020, to send you application to the OFPRA. You may also send, your application to the OFPRA before this date.  
  • Therefore, there is no rush contacting the SPADA to ask for help filling in your application form.
  • Your rights to benefit from the asylum seekers’ allowance (ADA) will continue to be calculated starting from the date of your registration at the single desk GUDA.

My application was placed under the Dublin Regulation

  • I must continue to respond when summoned by the administration and respect the instructions issued by the prefecture in charge of my file. I am aware that by failing to respond when summoned by the administration, I will be regarded as not meeting the requirements of the French asylum authorities and may be declared to be ‘fleeing’.
  • The transfer deadlines have not been extended by the sanitary emergency state. If France becomes the state member in charge of examining my asylum application, I will be receiving a summon letter, through postal services, in order for my application to be re-channelled into the normal procedure or to the accelerated one. In no circumstances shall I present myself in person to the prefecture.

My application is under review by the OFPRA

The OFPRA is gradually resuming its interviews, starting with asylum seekers who are located in the Île-de-France region.

  • You will receive a summon by SMS and by post after May 11, 2020.
  • The SPADA will inform you in case you have received your mail, provided that you have your current address there. It is pointless to present yourself spontaneously to the SPADA. Instead, you may contact the hotline provided by your local SPADA.

I have received an OFPRA decision which I intend to appeal

  • The appeal deadline before the National Court of Asylum (CNDA) which expired between March 12 and May 24, 2020, is suspended. Your appeal deadline will start from May 24, 2020. You have until June 25, 2020, at the latest to introduce your appeal. You may, if you wish, introduce your appeal before this date.
  • All the decisions that could not be notified because of the lock down will be systematically re-notified starting from the month of June.
  • If your decision has been returned to the OFPRA while you were not able to read it, you may ask the OFPRA to resend it.

I am an asylum seeker for asylum and my asylum application certificate is expired

  • All asylum application certificates (ATDA) which expired between March 16 and June 15, 2020, have been automatically renewed for 90 days.
  • It is therefore pointless to present yourself to the prefecture or to contact its services in order to renew your certificate which is still a valid one.

The period of validity mentioned on your ATDA has no bearing on your asylum seeker’s allowance.

  • The validity periods of the ATDA which will be issued starting from May 11, 2020, change: for normal procedures, the first ATDA will be valid for a period of 10 months and the second one of 6 months; for the accelerated procedures, the first and second ATDA will both be valid for a period of 6 months; as for the ATDA issued under the Dublin regulation, their validity periods remain the same.

I have been granted international protection (refugee, beneficiary of subsidiary protection), how could I benefit from my social rights?

  • By simply presenting the OFPRA/CNDA decision which grants you protection and without having to wait for the issuance of your carte de séjour (residence permit) receipt, you are entitled to benefit from the Active Solidarity Income (RSA).
  • All the receipts expiring between March 16 and June 15, 2020, will be extended for a period of 180 days (six months). When the time comes, meaning 180 days after the expiry date mentioned on your receipt, you can ask for its renewal by visiting the website of your local prefecture which will inform you about the necessary steps to be taken.